…a very versatile musician…

Paul is a very versatile musician that can play all kinds of musical styles and instruments. He is also professional and reliable.

I thoroughly enjoy working with Paul…

Paul Vogler is a gifted and talented person with great problem solving and creative skills. Paul Vogler and I have worked on numerous projects together involving very complicated educational and technical programs and exhibits. He is open to suggestions and enjoys working collaboratively. Paul is Continue Reading

I would highly recommend him to anyone.

I’ve worked with Paul many times in different capacities and he has performed exemplary in every kind of way. Very personable and professional, on time and on task. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

An AWESOME Musician!

Paul is an awesome and innovative musician/ programmer. His vast contacts within the music business make Lake Production an awesome environment in which to be creative. He is a professional in every facet of this operation.